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Donna enjoys interacting with the wonderful patients, clients, and yoga students of Well Being Health Center.  In addition to front desk and back office work for WBHC, Donna is a Certified Marine Naturalist, Artist, and Education Professional experienced in the design and implementation of innovative programs for K-12 students and educators.  


Donna specializes in arts-infused and brain-based learning, humane education, and systems-based organizational change. As a volunteer and Board Member with One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary, she has been integral in the development of Animals and Empathy, an outreach program for elementary students in Kitsap County.  As a volunteer marine naturalist with Orca Network and Whale Scout, she contributes sighting data for use in research, facilitates shore-based whale watching while educating the public about the Salish Sea marine ecosystem, and participates in habitat restoration.


Before returning to Washington, Donna developed and led the largest arts education program in Arkansas, was a member of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education program; led Dr. Robert Ballard’s JASON Project, and was one of 30 national arts education professionals invited to participate in the National Arts Education Leadership Institute. She also taught college courses in Arts Integration, Strategies for Success, and Critical Thinking for undergraduate students.  


Donna earned a B.F.A. from University of Washington—Seattle, and M.Ed. from University of Arkansas--Fayetteville.

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