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Custom Massage 

Whether you want to specifically treat sore muscles, reduce stress or just feel great, this massage experience is customized for you. You will work with your therapist to determine what massage techniques will best meet your current needs.

Chair Massage

A great way to reduce tension and stress in a short amount of time!


You will be fully clothed and seated in a massage chair.  Great for neck, upper back, shoulders and arms.

Mom-to-be Massage
Nurture and pamper your body at a time you need it the most.  Side-lying position and bolsters will make you comfortable and supported.  A blend of safe essential oils, warm towels and/or stones may be used to pamper your changing body.

Clinical Medical Massage 

Focus on therapeutic therapies that help you rehabilitate from injuries, improve range of motion, and reduce or manage pain.  A variety of techniques may be implemented such as ice, heat, myofascial release, therapeutic exercise, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue modalities. 

Your session will be ~50 minutes long; this allows time for required intake and check-out process.  A doctor’s referral is required. Your charges are based on your individual insurance plan.

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth heated stones penetrate deep heat into the muscles, allowing you to retreat into total bliss. The stones are placed on different areas of the body to help you feel grounded. Your therapist will use a blend of techniques to help you feel ultimate tension relief and relaxation. 

Enhance your massage with one of these signature services

Himalayan Salt Stones:  Warm Himalayan salt stones help to heal, balance and detoxify your body. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.  

Aromatherapy:  Experience the wonderful benefits of essential oil applied to your hands, feet and spine during your massage.  

Extra 30 mins of Massage:
Sometimes you just want a little more bliss!

Facial Fusion Massage:  Naturally tone & uplift your face while removing tension & reducing lines. Enjoy the rhythmic flow on your skin while relieving sinus tension and refreshing your lymphatic system. Can be added on to a massage treatment or a stand-alone treatment .

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